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SubMotion was founded by Rachel and Richard Prendergast in 2017 with the ambition of creating films with significance and integrity. Since then, the producer / director duo have created multiple award winning films, documentaries and commercials, ensuring the SubMotion core values are at the heart of every project.


For the past decade SubMotion have produced commercials and documentaries for amazing brands, businesses and charities. We are are not afraid of bold storytelling and will bring your message to life in film with impact and authenticity.


Being genuine filmmakers, film lovers and terribly pained creatives, SubMotion and their national and international pool of exceptional freelancers, put as much emphasis into each passion project, as they do your film. Constantly pushing our technical and creative boundaries, we bring our continuously growing and evolving experience to your project, with a hunger to create emotive and powerful content.


In 2018, SubMotion took the leap into narrative film, setting them apart with a distinct and natural talent for compelling filmmaking and storytelling. “Sylvia” their debut short film, went on to win over 25 awards on the international film circuit, was BAFTA long listed and qualified for Oscar consideration. To date this film receives critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike.


SubMotion’s second short film, Maximus, filmed in the height of the pandemic, was highly ambitious and pushed short film production to the limits. The directing/producing team also incorporated a college into the production process, offering 40+ students an invaluable filmmaking experience.


With a slate of films in development, SubMotion are taking bold steps to produce impactful and commercially viable films for a wide audience. “2030” will be the highly promising and considered debut feature from SubMotion - coming soon.


Richard Prendergast Director

Richard, is an acclaimed writer and director, specialising in crafting impactful and emotive films. His numerous accolades from prestigious platforms such as the YDA Awards, 1.4 Awards, numerous international film festivals, and three RTS awards, underscore Richard's innate talent for directing thought-provoking narratives. With a background spanning 15 years as a director of photography, he brings a wealth of experience, delivering beautifully executed and thoughtfully composed visuals to his engaging and emotive films.


Beginning his career in the Austrian mountains, Richard traversed the globe within the winter sports industry, serving as both a director and director of photography across commercials, documentaries and films. His portfolio boasts successful projects for renowned brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and BT Sport to name a few. Richard's extensive technical knowledge enables him to infuse cinematic quality and impeccable composition into his work.

In 2017, Richard, alongside producing partner Rachel, co-founded SubMotion and steered it towards producing narrative films, alongside the commercial arm. His debut film as a writer/director, "Sylvia," premiered in 2018. This poignant film, based on a true story, captivated audiences worldwide. "Sylvia," along with Richard's second short film, "Maximus," and his commercial endeavours, serves as a testament to his natural ability to guide audiences on emotional journeys, creating lasting and impactful stories through film.


Rachel Prendergast Producer

Rachel confidently steers SubMotion into the realm of narrative filmmaking, alongside a strong commercial arm. With two critically acclaimed and multi-award winning short films under their belt, Rachel's vision for SubMotion extends to producing films with broad commercial appeal and widespread audience engagement.


Beyond filmmaking, Rachel is deeply committed to expanding SubMotion's commercial endeavours, crafting content for brands, businesses and charities that resonate with the company's core values in both sustainable and innovative ways. Collaborating closely with Richard, she ensures that each project, regardless of budget or scale, embodies high production value and inventive concepts, while maintaining the brand's commitment to quality filming and precise messaging.

With years of comprehensive experience in producing and production management, Rachel not only contributes to the growth of SubMotion, but also shares her expertise with fellow production companies on a freelance basis; deepening her knowledge and experience amongst a variety of teams. Her collaborations with industry legends sc Judi Dench and Ridley Scott's producing team attest to her positive, dynamic, and determined work ethic.

Motivated by a desire to consistently exceed client expectations and elevate audience awareness, Rachel's bustling and enthusiastic persona is reflected in SubMotion's drive to establish a commercially viable and captivating slate of projects.

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