Founded by husband and wife Richard and Rachel Prendergast, the two now work as a Director / Producer partnership offering clients 15+ years of experience in the film and moving image industry. 

With a huge number of trusted and talented professionals to hand, the couple ensure the best and most relevant crews are selected for your project.

With a stream of positive feedback and reviews, returning clientele and multiple awards under their belt, Richard and Rachel have proven to be a successful duo, backed by an equally talented and skilled crew.

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Rachel Prendergast Producer

Rachel started as a junior producer for an Icelandic streetwear clothing brand. Her work took her all over the world and eventually she took a leading role within high end fashion brand.


In 2013 Rachel and Richard founded SubMotion Productions. Rachel has worked as a producer for some of the worlds leading brands and her latest endeavour is to bring her knowledge and meticulous attention to detail to the world of scripted narrative drama, all whilst raising two young girls! 


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Richard is an award winning Director specialising in storytelling content and film. His natural ability to direct emotive and thought provoking work, coupled with 15 years as a director of photography results in beautiful and engaging film.

He has Directed and DP'd successful projects for Nike, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and BT Sport to name a few and his in-depth technical knowledge allows him to implement cinematic quality and perfect composition into his work. 

Richard's latest personal project is a short film based on a heart-wrenching true story. Written and Directed by Richard, "Sylvia" has won several awards on its current film festival run. This film is a true showcase of the determination and ambition of this talented emerging director.