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We have been documenting how business's approach environment, social and governance initiatives, efforts to improve diversity, equality and inclusion and a positive strategies for corporate social responsibility for many years. From transforming an ESG report into an engaging video, or a CSR strategy into a  series of compelling films, we will shape your project into content that is informative and cinematic. 

It has become more crucial than ever for businesses to demonstrate and report on how their business is contributing towards, future planning and making progress in all of the above areas.


SubMotion will produce films and content that bring to life the work you and your business are doing. We work with world leading banks, to local enterprises. No matter the size of your business, you will have something great to shout about!

From highlighting the work at an executive level, to grass roots community projects; we will create compelling, factual, and beautifully crafted films that bring your company's ESG, DEI and CSR reports and initiatives to life.


Suffolk Building Society ESG Film. This image is of Michael STrand of Suffolk Wildlife Trust looking out over the water at Martlesham Wilds nature reserve.

Suffolk Building Society

Martlesham Wilds

As part of their ESG initiatives, Suffolk Building Society have teamed up with Suffolk Wildlife Trust to support the Martlesham Wilds project.

Read more and see the film...


Supporting Our Community

SubMotion produced a series of adverts for Adnams, each highlighting an area they aim to impact.

This one stands for community.

Read more and see the series...

This is an image of someone holding a bottle of Adnams Ghostship beer whist enjoying time on the beach with friends.
This is a graphic image of a lock, representing the work Aviva put in to ensure their custoer data is kept secure in our data charter video on cyber security.


Data Charter

Aviva hold a huge amount of data, and this video was created to show their governance towards keeping your data safe and being cyber secure.


Read more and see the full video...

Aviva Community Fund

Veterans in Action

Over two years, we documented several community projects that benefitted from Aviva's CSR campaign, the Aviva Community Fund.


Read more and see the series...

This is a photo of two veterans who attend the veterans in action chairy project of fixing up old landrover cars. The charity is designed to help veterans with PTSD find common ground, a safe place to talk and a purpose.
This is an image of a boy on horseback in Haiti. He makes and delvers cookies made of mud, which is all families have to live off to sustain themselves since the earthquake. This is from our project Mud Cookies, with Unilever.


Mud Cookies

SubMotion founder and cinematographer, Richard, joined the team from Friday Media to shoot this compelling film for Unilever. A strong piece for their ESG / CSR campaign.


Read more and watch the film...

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