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The Basic Information


We have designed, manufactured and operate one of the UK's safest, fastest and most effective cable camera systems. Created in-house several years ago when we were unable to find an effective and affordable solution for a project, fast forward and we are now delighted to offer our custom built system which has been trusted by some of the worlds leading brands, from Red Bull, Nike, the BBC and more

With meticulous attention to detail and an eye for precision and ultimately the perfect shot, our team assess every project on an individual basis to ensure our cable camera gets the best possible results for your production. 


The system has the option for independent anchor point, with our own 10-meter high truss towers - eliminating a third party (scaffolder's) intervention and therefore keeping costs to a minimum. Stretching lengths of up to 300 meters and at a height to suit your brief, we can set our system up to your requirements. 

Cable Wire Camera


We have one of the most reliable, secure and advanced systems in the UK, capable of capturing amazing images. We have developed a system that is safe to use in a crowded environments, easy to rig, cost effective and able to capture ultra smooth footage. Unlike the off the shelf systems, our double cable trolley system offers several benefits. Should there be any technical issues on the camera/motor - the trolley can be simply pulled back and reset, avoiding hours of delays and budget losses and it also provides stability in all weather conditions ensuring your shots remain smooth and controlled.


Some of the key features for our system are below:


3 axis gyro stabilized head

Silent drive (low sound even at 35mph) 

4k capable

High speed capable (240fps)

Recording format - 4K raw or ProRes up to 50/60fps,

2k raw up to 240fps, 2k ProRes up to 50/60fps

Teradek live stream (Full HD)

1080p broadcast capable

Dual cable (stable at 30mph winds)

35mph top speed

25 degree incline ability

7kg camera capacity

Remote pan/tilt

Wireless zoom/focus

Easy set up (2 hours approx)

Independent trussing towers

We currently have a Red Epic and an FS7 that we use for events and productions, however, our system is capable of taking any camera up to 7KG.


Please note we do not dry hire our cable camera system.


The Details


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