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A film commissioned by Suffolk Building Society

Smiley Charity Awards


Suffolk Building Society are in a privileged position of being free to invest their profits in projects and places that benefit the wider community and the environment.

As part of their ESG campaign, they are working with the SubMotion team to create a series of films showcasing the amazing projects they are supporting. SubMotion have produced moving, emotive and informative films to raise awareness of these charities through thought provoking and emotive storytelling.


 This is the third film in that series, capturing the invaluable work of Ipswich Housing Action Group, ihAg. The team at ihAg, led by CEO, Jools Ramsey, work on the front line of homelessness in Ipswich, offering basic care, advice and a safe place for those who are most vulnerable living on the streets, a safe haven to come to. They are invited to come for breakfast, a warm shower and somewhere to clean their clothes, essential elements to maintain dignity and hopefully move forward with their lives.

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