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A film commissioned by Suffolk Building Society

⚠️ Trigger warning ⚠️

This film contains descriptions of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Suffolk Building Society are in a privileged position of being free to invest their profits in projects and places that benefit the wider community and embody their Safe Homes campaign.

As part of their ESG campaign, Suffolk Building Society commissioned SubMotion to create a series of films showcasing the amazing projects they are supporting. This is the fourth film in the series which highlights the amazing, vital and sometimes lifesaving work of Lighthouse Women's Aid, in Suffolk. 

For over 45 years, Lighthouse Women’s Aid has supported women, young people and children in Suffolk who are affected by domestic abuse.


This film once again shines a spotlight on the amazing charities Suffolk Building Society supports as part of their Safe Homes for Suffolk campaign. For over 174 years the Society has provided safe homes for its communities.


It seems like such a simple thing, to feel safe in your own home, but Lighthouse supports over 1,000 women a year, who sadly, do not, or have not, felt safe.


Like many charity CEOs, Sally Winston of Lighthouse, has an increased demand for the services it offers, and the funding to meet that demand. 

SubMotion captured the essence on this charity and the invaluable work they do, by shining a light on the team that run Lighthouse and also those who have used the supportive service and are now working to support others.

To donate and support Lighthouse Women's Aid, please click here

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