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YDA Awards
Royal Television Society East

Winner RTS East
Best Craft Production

1.4 Awards
International Festival Laurels


‘Maximus’ is a story of heartache, imagination and magic!

Written and directed by Richard Prendergast, the film follows young India as she tells the story of her brave brother, Maximus to a seemingly uninterested listener, Mike.What follows is a story only a child could concoct. A story of loss and triumph. Of wizards and beasts. Of Angels and Warriors. This isn’t some random fantastical story, this is a carefully curated plan by a young girl desperate to tell the tale of her brother.


This is Maximus.

written and directed by

Richard Prendergast


produced by

Rachel Prendergast

Max Mason


executive producers

Ben Pryke

Andrew Wheeler


original score by

Jack Douglas

Hard and Fast Music ASCAP

Daniel Coe

Little Zeus Music ASCAP



India - Maisie Prendergast

Mike/Wizard - Albert Clogston

Old Maximus - Solly McLeod

Jodie/Angel - Lauren Harris

Young Maximus - Cailean Galloway

Nurse - Gaynor Fraser

Army Officer - Phil Reeve

Barber / Security Guard - Earl Ling

Security Guard - Daniel Connor




Director of Photography - Paddy Bartram

1st Assistant Director - Jonny Cass

1st AC Camera - Tom Coe

2nd AC Camera - Connor MacLaren

                        - Jak Waughman

Clapper Loader - Will Dimsdale

                            - Hana Al-Aride

Digital Imaging Technician - Will March


 Wire Cam - Craig Hodgkinson


 Drone #01 - Will March

                           - Paddy Bartram

Drone #02 - Jordan Tiernan

Drone #03 - Elliott Corke


Gaffer ‘Block 1’ - Leo Olesker

Gaffer ‘Block 2’ - Simon Battensby

Practical Electrician ‘Block 1’ - Howard Morton


Fight Director - Raph Aldis

Special Action Performer


Zoe Hadjifotiou

 Adrian Fear

 Mark Ward

 Simon Garrington

 Jano Varga


Horse Master - Mark Atkinson

‘Young Maximus’ Riding Double - Candice Carbine

‘Angel’ Riding Double - Kat Pickering

Horse Coordinator - Lawrence Hansen


‘Young Maximus’ Riding Double ‘Block 2' - Molly Doig

‘Angel’ Riding Double ‘Block 2’ - Alice Thurtle


Additional Horse Supplied by Suzie Vincent


Script Supervisor - Charlotte Brownlee

Assistant Script Supervisor - Maia Robins


3rd Assistant Director - Connor Crowley


Production Team


Richard Rogan

Olivia Rust

Jack Carroll

Livy Carroll

Production Assistant - Jess Thomas

                                   - Molly Carroll


‘India’ Chaperone - Bridget Carroll

‘Young Maximus’ Chaperone - Fiona Galloway


Behind the Scenes Videographer - Misha Panov

Stills Photographer - Simon Boosey


Hair and Makeup Designer - Victoria Crichton

Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer - Megan Patten


Hair and Makeup Artist


Amelia Tye

Freya Casey

Amber Mountford

Katie Heeks

Holly Callway

Karen Wright


Casting by - Jack Channell


Props Modeller - Matt Gates


 Seamstress - Nicole Stone


 Storyboard Artists - Hana Al-Aride

                             - Xena Collen


Poster Artwork - Leo Nickolls


Graphic Designer - Barry Gingell


Special Effects Supervisor - Andy Guy

Artem SFX Supervisor - Mike Kelt

Artem SFX Technician - Matt Loader


Prosthetics Artist - Jasmine Neills

                           - Sophie Flynn


Sound Recordist - Blai Escayola-Bosch

2nd Assistant Sound - Ethan Turner

 Sound Designer and Mix - Will Berridge

Dialogue Editor - Phil Archer

Foley Artists - Charlotte Simpson

        - Lucy Akins


 Offline Editor - Will March

                  - Prendi


Visual Effects Compositor - Jack Pond


Floor Runners

Lukas Colston ¨ George Whitwell ¨ Darcey Cunnell

Amelia Ling ¨ Ryan Harwood ¨ Jay Lamb ¨ Sophie Stagg ¨ Elliot Read


Catering Managers


Jocelyn Baynes Clarke

Mandy Davison


Facilities Equipment supplied by Rich Ruck


 Unit Medic - Andy McGowan


 Media and Film Production Course Director - Warwick Lowe

Head of Performing and Production Arts - Hannah Schofield


Supporting Artists

Jodie Rowlandson ¨ Daniel Rowlandson ¨ India Rowlandson ¨ Max Rowlandson

Ted Bartram ¨ Ahsan Mughul ¨ Jack Sampson ¨ Max Mueller-Wende ¨ Eva Stearn

Pippa Haddow ¨ Emily Tang ¨ Eve Johnson ¨ Libby Corrie ¨ Amy Clifton ¨ Lara Grey

Lauren Apps ¨ Catherine Plaice ¨ Fraser Carson ¨ Carrie Chadwick ¨ Emily Webb ¨ Jim Newell Bob Newell ¨ Chester Hack ¨ Marcus Thornton ¨ Deanne Boden ¨ Matthew Blower

Thomas Foy ¨ Ady Roxburgh ¨ Charlie Dean ¨ Alana May ¨ Lamorna Read ¨ Gary Tierney Carol Tierney ¨ Antony Boniface ¨ Alexandra Boniface ¨ Steven Boniface ¨ Andrew Bowman

Tim Bailey ¨ Natasha Walker ¨ Nicole Walker ¨ Henry Mason¨ Anna Mason¨ Archie Mason

Bella Mason ¨ Hattie Mason ¨ Leia Pryke ¨ George Pryke ¨ Henry Pryke ¨ Molly Mason



with special thanks to

West Suffolk College


The Rowlandson Family

Addenbrooke’s Hospital


Goldfinch Entertainment



Phil McKenzie

White Label Lighting


Nick Sadler

University of East Anglia


Perch Studios

Wilderness Reserve


Pinewood MBS

Playbarn Riding Centre


Artem SFX

Wuffa Viking / Saxon Reenactment Society


Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre

Screen Suffolk


Thetford Town Council

Jim Horsefield


Mark Prendergast

Rosalind Barnett at Thetford Town Council


Charlie and Alice Mason

Roger Stebbings at Thetford Town Council


Dyno Rod Norwich

Mark Webster at Thetford Town Council


Richard Bowyer

John Burgess at E-Fir


Daniel Bowyer



Maresa Padmore at University of East Anglia

Anyday Media


Gary Szabo Smoke and Mirrors


This film was supported by the PLACE 21 skills project at West Suffolk College, which was part-funded by the European Social Fund


This film was shot on location in East Anglia, England.


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