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The Metal Man

As featured on The Metal Man is short, branded content film that gives an insight to the life of custom frame builder, Patrick Banks at Limit Fabrications.


Pat Banks is a man who loves BMX. He started riding them at 8 years old, and started breaking them soon after! Faced with a constant stream of broken parts, he quickly got accustomed to fixing and working on frames. This early fascination turned from a hobby into a full blown venture. From his workshop in Norfolk, Limit Fabrications was born, with one dream – to rid the world of badly made bikes. Watch the video below and join SubMotion as they go behind the scenes to give you insight into the precision, dedication and hard work that goes into making each and every one of Pat's custom frames.




Director - Richard Prendergast

Producer - Rachel Prendergast

Cable-Cam - Craig Hodgkinson


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