Cable-cam Insight

Our cable-cam was definitely not built in a day or even months! It took allot of research to find the right components and materials to build our rig.

Due to the nature of a cable-cam, safety was a high concern, we needed to think safety in every part of our design. We use a double cabled system with high tensile cables which are coated in an abrasive resistant flexible material to protect from damage. All parts are tested & certified which we use on our supporting cables.

To achieve a super smooth image, we used anti vibration materials and gears with no back lash. Every part of the cable-cam has to run smoothly or the image will shake. Our image douse not require any post production stabilisation.

Setup time is an important feature to our design when used on events. We have deadlines to meet when filming on roads which need to be reopened for example. The whole setting it up procedure has to be thought out and planned. Every event has new hurdles to overcome and can involve allot of planning.

That's a little insight into the thoughts and processes which go into a cablecam.

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