BBC General Election Coverage

For this years coverage of the General Election, the BBC asked if SubMotion would be able to capture what they described as an "impossible shot". They were looking to rig a camera directly over the World Piazza at Broadcasting House in Central London, so they could illustrate how the constituency parties had changed since the last election. The map in the middle of Piazza was made up of lots of empty hexagons that were slotted together, each one representing a constituency. Panels filled the hexagons, showing the viewers how the political power was being distributed in the UK as the results came in. The panels started filling up the map very slowly during the night but deep into the morning, results started rushing in fast. The SNP yellow panels wiped out any opposition in Scotland and the Conservatives blue dominated the rest of the UK. Locked off and left for 14 hours, you can see how a time lapse from our angle illustrates the redistribution of power across the UK

The view from the top of the BBC Broadcasting house where we were rigging

The view from above looking down at the World Piazza

If you squint, you can just see our system hanging above Broadcasting House

The cable-cam hanging in front of the spire of All Souls Church

After two very windy nights, the weather finally settled down for the evenving of the broadcast.

Look up! The view from below.

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