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The Shoemakers Tale is an enchanting film that follows the journey of our would be princess as she drifts off to sleep and finds herself in a fantasy dreamland, only to discover she has no shoes and of course, no princesses outfit is complete without shoes...


Our collaboration with LK Bennett is a modern day twist on a classic fairy tale theme.The Shoemakers Tale showcases our high production values, knowledge and attention to detail here at SubMotion Productions. It is an example of our ability to produce beautifully crafted visuals, VFX and show true direction in our work and of course all with added sparkle. We hope you enjoy!




Production - SubMotion

Written and Directed - Richard Prendergast
Producer - Rachel Prendergast
Princess - Naomi Delorme
Shoemaker - Gordon Worsley
Male Model - Sean Campbell
Assistant Director - Jake Richardson
1st AC - Tom Coe
2nd AC - Jack Gould
Script Editor - Ben Carroll
Script Editor - Abby Erwin
Cable Camer - Craig Hodgkinson

Aerial Camera - Ben Sturgess
Voice Artist - Rachel Carroll
Set Design - Emily Reed Esparza
Makeup Artist - Lanoi Hansakda
Florist - Sharon Pointen -
Chauffeur - Justin Anderson
Photography - Robert Jackson -
After Effects - Jack Pond
Maya - Tom Cowles
Music - Luke Pett
We With Unveiled Faces // Timbre


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