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Martlesham Wilds

Suffolk Building Society are in a privileged position of being free to invest their profits in projects and places that benefit the wider community and the environment.

As part of their ESG campaign, they are creating a series of films showcasing the amazing projects they are supporting. This first film focuses on Martlesham Wilds.An area of nearly 300 acres in Suffolk that The Suffolk Wildlife Trust have purchased to give back to nature.

Over the years, the area will re-wild itself and become a hive fr new and existing wildlife and nature. Under the stewardship of Suffolk Wildlife Trust, the patchwork of hedge-lined fields that roll gently down to the river will gradually ‘wild’ into an intricate mosaic of natural habitats, maintained by grazing. The emergence of this new pastoral landscape will be thrilling to watch. 

Suffolk Building Society have not only supported the project financially, but they have spent many hours volunteering and learning about the area of Martsleham Wilds.

To donate to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the Martlesham Wild project click here

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