Red Bull Unleashed - 300m cable-cam

When you think of surf locations, you'd usually think of Hawaii, Tahiti, South Africa etc... Well, now you can add Snowdonia, Wales to that list. Surf Snowdonia is an artificial surf wave deep in the heart of the Welsh mountains. Red Bull decided to celebrate this new, consistent and fun wave by hosting an event called "Unleashed". As part of the TV coverage, we were asked to erect and operate our cable-cam system so that the crowd could see overhead shots of the surfers in action. This is quite unique to surfing, as usually angles are restricted by the fact that surfing is mostly a past time practiced in the ocean. Not at Surf Snowdonia. The crowd here had an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best surfers on the planet.

Setting up a cable-cam over a 300m lake is no easy task - See below!

Panoramic of the lake at Surf Snowdonia

The crew getting prepped before the event

Our system tracking above the surfers as they shred the man made wave

Craig and Richard at the end of a great event

To see the highlights from the Red Bull Unleashed and our system in action, click the play on the video above!

Till next time, Snowdonia!

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