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Sorry, who the hell are you?

Let’s be honest. When you live and breathe your own business, it’s easy to think the rest of the world lives and breathes it with you. Of course people know you, your work, your treasured projects and your recent award wins! 

But let’s be totally honest now, no-one has a bloody clue you exist. Ouch.

It’s a pretty hard reality to accept, but we are naive to think that just because your business exists, it’s enough. Outside our own small echo chambers, it can be hard to be heard above the noise of, well, everything. But we have come to realise that you don't need to heard by everyone, but instead, by just a few quality listeners who want to genuinely engage.

SubMotion has been creating content and films for over 7 years and is very lucky to have continued to grow and thrive based on recommendations and word of mouth during this time (a precarious existence, we know!) The company was founded by married couple, Rachel and Richard Prendergast, who thought working together, being married, raising a young family and living in the beautiful but completely unconnected city of Norwich, was a great foundation to also start a production company. And a production company with big visions of creating epic films for global audiences. Hah! Easy-peasy, right?

A photo of a Caucasian man and woman with their two daughters in front of a film poster banner for the short film Sylvia from SUbMotion Productions.
SubMotion founders, Richard and Rachel Prendergast, together with their children after the premiere of SubMotion's first short film Sylvia, in which the Prendergast children acted in and so graciously endured.

Thankfully, we are still here and more surprisingly, still married (great therapist recommendation available). SubMotion continues to work with many loyal, long-standing clients, as well as wonderful new folk. So, why rock the boat?

Well, one day, very recently, someone clever suggested we dabble with some marketing. Why does this word feel so dirty; inducing immediate stress, sweaty palms and anxiety? For a team that creates films for marketing purposes on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, you’d think marketing what we do would be a breeze. But, I think I can speak for anyone in any area of marketing, be it content creation, marketing teams or agencies - when I say we are all hopeless at marketing ourselves!

More often than not, we are so focussed on projects, and as mentioned in our previous blog post, every “spare” minute is spent on film development, there just isn’t space for marketing. But this really is not good enough. What is the point of making great content if you don’t share it with the world. And also, what a shame to be on such a rollercoaster journey and not share it with an audience, who can live through our ups and downs; comfortably and smugly from their normal lives, normal jobs and normal everything. No tone of bitterness and resentment here...

So we have decided to write some blog posts over the coming weeks and months to give you an insight into our world of film and content production - we are hoping this may just pass for marketing. Now don’t get too excited, this is grass roots, nitty gritty indie filmmaking we are talking about here, and it may get messy. We will share the good, the bad and the super ugly, we'll take you back in time and have you onboard moving forward - but we promise to be honest and authentic throughout. 

Feel free to ignore to our ramblings, or alternatively, let us know what you’d like to hear more about? We know from working with clients in completely different industries to our own, how fascinating it can be, yet taken totally for granted when it’s your everyday normal. We'd love for you to be on this adventure with us!

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who read our previous 'debut' post and got in touch. It’s great to know it resonated with so many of you. Do let us know if there is anything you’d like us to cover about film production and video content, and we will share what we pretend to know, and what we are still learning. But please God, do not ask us about marketing.


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