A young warrior’s fight for his life told through the eyes of his younger sister. Infused with imagination, tragedy and magic!

The second film from SubMotions's Writer and Director, Richard Prendergast,  Producer team Rachel and fellow producer, Max Mason.


‘Maximus’. A story of heartache, imagination and magic!


The film follows young India as she tells the story of her brave brother, Maximus to a seemingly uninterested listener, Mike.

What follows is a story only a child could concoct. A story of loss and triumph. Of wizards and beasts. Of Angels and Warriors. This isn’t some random fantastical story, this is a carefully curated plan by a young girl desperate to tell the tale of her brother.

This is Maximus.




SubMotion teamed up with West Suffolk College to bring the story of Maximus to life. Written and Directed by Richard Prendergast, and funded by European Social Fund (ESF) and Place 21. The project was funded and established to offer film students first hand experience of creating a film from start to finish.

To say it was a sucess is an understatment!

You can find out more at https://www.maximusshortfilm.com/